Owlet Extended Fabric Sock Pack for Smart Sock 3 Baby Monitor Review

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In the fast-paced society babies are growing up in, it is necessary to keep track of them right from the beginning of their lives. This Owlet Sock Baby Monitor is a great tool for first-time parents who learn as they go to make it a bit easier for them.

There are a lot of baby monitoring systems available on the market with fantastic features included, but this one caught our attention. It comes with everything you need to have a healthy baby and allows parents to have much lower stress levels for a healthier environment.

Read on and find out how this baby monitor works and how it can be good for you and your baby.

Owlet Extended Fabric Sock Pack for Smart Sock 3 Baby Monitor Review

The new baby sock for the Smart Sock 3 Baby Monitor comes with extended battery life and a wider connectivity range. It also comes with wireless charging options so you can keep the baby monitor sock at high capacity all the time.

The orange light flashing will give you a quick warning when the sock loses its signal to keep you alert all the time. It also comes with a one-year warranty to back their claim that this is a good product and for your peace of mind.

This baby monitoring sock is compatible with the Smart Sock 3 baby monitoring system and can be easily integrated with the system. The new sock comes with a more user-friendly reading of hours instead of percentage for the battery life, which is much easier to follow.

The newer app is quite easy to install and has great options to make it much easier to use. It also gives you an option to create profiles for different children to make it easier to keep track all the time.

Who Is It For?

This baby monitoring system is an excellent addition for all parents to help them with the fun but difficult job of parenting. Parents who have a baby for the first time will benefit greatly from the help this system will give them.

Working parents can easily keep track of their babies from anywhere on their smartphones to provide them with peace of mind. This is not just for parents but also grandparents to help and assist their children in keeping tabs on their grandchildren.

What Is Included

Included in the package of this baby monitor sock are two socks to fit on the left ankle and the right ankle. A quick reference guide is also included in the package to give you all the necessary information you will need.

Also in the package of the Extended Smart Sock 3 is a sensor that will provide you with all the necessary data to keep track of your baby.

Overview Of Features

With the many great features included, your life as a parent will be so much easier, and it will keep your baby safe.

  • Makes use of oximetry technology to accurately monitor your baby.
  • Accurately monitor oxygen levels and heart rate to keep your baby safe.
  • When anything changes with your baby, you receive real-time alerts from the device.
  • This baby monitor sock is easy to use and takes a few seconds to attach to the baby’s ankles.
  • Sleep and health information is reported to your smartphone regularly.
  • It comes with both Bluetooth and WiFi connection options for quick and easy connection.
  • The Bluetooth connection is a convenient extra in case the internet is down, so you still stay connected all the time.
  • Clear signals in the form of red, green, and yellow lights will signal the condition of your baby.
  • The lights can easily be dimmed if the default settings are too bright for your taste.
  • Emergency notifications can also be sent to your phone for your peace of mind.
  • The app provides you with live readings of your baby’s vitals.
  • Previous data can be accessed and used to provide you with up-to-date reports of your baby’s health.
  • Owlet’s baby socks are available in three different sizes to make it much easier to fit your baby.
  • The battery comes with a long life of up to 16 hours before it runs down and takes only 90 minutes to a full charge.

How To Use It

The extended baby monitor sock from Owlet is easy to use for your baby, so even a sleep-deprived parent can attach it. You simply fold the sock around your baby’s foot and make sure it fits firmly around the ankle.

Then fold the two ends of the sock where the Velcro meets and attach the top part firmly to the bottom part. The Velcro will keep the sock firmly attached to the baby’s ankle so it can provide you with vital information.

Make sure the sensor part of the sock fits firmly against the skin so it will be in contact all the time the baby wears it. This will make sure that all the data coming to the app is accurate and keeps track of your baby all the time.

The next step is to connect the app to your baby monitor sock, and you are ready to go. This means you can now relax while the monitor takes care of the rest for your peace of mind.


  • You get a 1-year warranty included with the sock
  • Very easy to use app
  • Quick and easy setup for use
  • Fits comfortably and snugly on baby ankles


  • Not compatible with iOS devices
  • Can be used for larger babies only


While the Owlet extended baby monitor sock is unique and not many of this type are available, you can use this wearable baby monitor. Even though the Fisher smart wearable baby monitor is a good alternative, it is not that great for babies older than 24 months.

It comes with an affordable price tag and includes great features with very accurate alerts to keep your baby safe. It also includes peace of mind features to provide parents a better chance for a good night’s rest more regularly.


You can easily see that this newer version of the Owlet baby monitor sock for older children is a great addition to the system. This will help keep track of your baby even longer while it provides you with the necessary rest and peace of mind.

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