Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System Review

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If you are on the lookout for a baby monitor system, the Nanit Pro is a complete package for your newly born. It comes with great features included that will make checking on your baby so much easier and add a fun factor to it.

Your baby monitor is the way you stay tuned with your baby’s needs, so we will take a closer look at this one. The complete system includes everything you need to keep track of everything your baby does, which is great, especially for first-time parents.

Read on and find out what this baby monitoring system from Nanit has to offer you and your baby.

Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System Review

The new Nanit Pro baby monitoring system is safe to be used for your babies with no electronics used in the smart sheet. The breathing band also comes with no electronics and makes use of a simple and safe system to keep track of your baby.

This also means that the system does not require any batteries except for the camera included in the system. The newest feature added to the baby monitoring system is the growth tracking option to keep track of your baby.

A multi-stand included makes it much easier to use the system if you are traveling; simply mount the camera on it. You will feel comfortable leaving your baby in a crib with the real-time alerts sent to the camera and the app.

While measuring your baby’s height, it can also keep track and give feedback on your baby’s growth and overall health. With the personalized sleep coach included, you can have up-to-date data that is customized to suit your baby.

This data can be used to coach the parents to help the baby to sleep through the night. With the high-resolution HD camera, you have a full view of your baby at all hours, day and night.

Who Is It For?

The Nanit Pro baby monitoring system is a great tool for all parents to help them keep track of their babies. Experienced parents and newbies will benefit from this unit to know when they are needed and to keep their babies safe.

All parents, whether they are working or at home, can make use of this excellent baby monitoring system to keep track of their newborn.

What Is Included?

Included in the package, you will find the complete baby monitoring system, which consists of a camera with a wall mount. Also included is a smart sheet to keep your baby comfortable and safe, and with that is a breathing band.

A multi-stand is included for when you need to travel and take your baby monitor with you wherever you may go. The smart app that will keep you on track is another addition to make parenting much easier and more fun.

Overview Of Features

With great features to keep track of everything you need to know about your baby, this is a system every parent must have.

With the Nanit app, you can keep track of your baby from anywhere, even from across the country. High-resolution video provides you with a full view of your baby all the time. An easy wall mounting option is included to permanently mount the camera.

Two-way audio helps you to hear your baby, and they can also hear your voice to calm them down. It will even show you how long your baby sleeps for a complete monitoring option. A nightly sleep report will give you vital information on sleep patterns.

Included in the app, you get sleep coaching customized for your baby. Height and growth will be tracked with the smart sheet included. The breathing band keeps track of your baby’s breathing and heartbeat all the time.

With a digital baby album, you can have all the snapshots of your baby to keep track of and store for later. Photos and footage of your baby can be shared instantly with family and friends. The system does not use any sensors and electronics near your baby.

How To Use It

Setting the monitor system up is quite easy; you can use the mount to mount it to your baby’s crib. Optionally you can order the stand separately and mount the camera on the stand at the top end of the crib.

  • After the camera is mounted, you can just set it up so it will cover the crib on the viewing screen.
  • Lay the sheet down inside the crib, and the baby can then sleep on it so it can keep track of your baby.
  • The breathing band can then be folded around the baby’s body, so it keeps track of breathing and more.
  • Now you just need to get the Nanit Insight app installed on your smartphone, and you are ready to keep track of your baby.

See the following video to see how it works; start at 5 minutes on the video for actual footage. That is how easy it is to set this baby monitoring system up for your baby.


  • A good quality camera is included
  • The built-in nightlight will help a lot
  • Many great features included with the system
  • Easy Wi-Fi connectivity for setup options


  • The speaker is a bit soft
  • A subscription is required for this unit


If you are unable to get the Nanit pro, there is also the Owlet Cam baby monitor that comes with a strong app. It is also a bit more affordable for those who are working within a tight budget to keep tags on their babies.

Multiple cameras can be added to this system to help you keep your baby safe all the time from all angles. This unit is so easy to set up, and anyone can do it in only a few minutes, even those with no prior experience.


This Nanit Pro Baby Monitoring System is a complete package that new parents can use to keep their baby safe all the time. If you are nervous about your baby, get this system, which is safe to use, to make it much easier for you and your baby.

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